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Fluke continue to be found in the bay as well as at the wrecks and reef systems. Many reporting good keeper sized fish on both minnows and Berkley Gulp. The TI reef recently had 5 ft. Dusky sharks crusing the area and were caught on mackerel chunks.

The OC Reef had keeper Sea Bass on clam or squid. While the WW Reef was not producing that good.

Dan, (one of my Customers) had this to say: "My friend Dean

landed this nice tuna today, which was caught using the

spreader bar that I recently purchased from you.

We went 6 for 7 on bluefin tuna today!"

Another Customer said this:

"Hi Tammie.  It's Joe Pellegrini. Here are a few Blue fin tuna

pics.  Me, Brian Sallade and Sal Rosales caught in the poor

mans canyon aboard the Why Knot yesterday. Tuna

caught using Hodge podge Ballyhoo!  Nothing but the best!

Also, now is the start of Shark fishing for all kinds of

species trolling our waters. Setting up a chum slick and

using Whole Mackerel as hook bait is ideal. And when the

weather permits, Tuna & Sword fishing in the canyons should be heating up very soon.

Stop in today for your best selection of fresh, frozen and live baits.

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Joe McNichol and logan
Logan fluke
Logans Fluke
Boss Lady Bigeye
Cobia Boat of Yellowfin
Moonshot Yellowfins
Fish Tank Yellowfins
36YF Kevin Docs Yellowfins
Juan Mo Time Yellowfins
Bowersocks Yellowfin
Joes Tuna
Brians Tuna
Joes Tuna
Dean's Bluefin Tuna
Tims Golden Tile
Large Fluke
Chads Fluke
Bob's 27 inch fluke
Flyin Hawiian catchs
Boating the Fluke
Charlie's Flounder
Logan's Fluke
Rick's Flounder
Don's Mom
Brandons fluke
Black Drum
Bryon's Fluke
Ben's Mahi
Cesars Weakfish
Striper (2)
Toms Striper 28 in
Garys striper 39 in
Fluke head
Black Drum